Taking the p*ss

There’s been a gradual process of installing bus shelters around Wellington, and a couple have recently made an appearance at the bottom of Elizabeth St – where they’ll no doubt be welcomed by passengers waiting in the wind and the rain.

The shelters are provided by AdShel, a commercial company that funds the shelters by selling the advertising space on the side. Being an advertising company, they’re not unfamiliar with the idea of some self-promotion:

The way AdShel would like to portray themselves

The way AdShel would like to portray themselves

However some local wits have a somewhat more cynical view of the corporatisation of the local bus routes, and added a few amendments to the posters …

Altered AdShel poster

Um … yeah

True to their word, AdShel maintained the shelters at no cost to our local Council, and the altered signage disappeared a few days later. But in the meantime, we all had a good laugh at the wit of the unknown editor.