The mtvictoria.org.nz website is operated by Kent Duston as a service to the local community. It is a non-partisan site that solely represents the views of its author – me. The views expressed on the site should not be interpreted as being official policy from the Mt Victoria Residents Association, correspondence from the Mt Victoria Newsletter, statements from the Mt Victoria Historical Society or anyone else, as they are my opinion only.

If you have something to say that might interest the residents of Mt Victoria, you can send an e-mail to kent@mtvictoria.org.nz – I publish most stuff. If you want to post something yourself, you can apply for an account, and an e-mail to the same address is a good way to start the process. That way you’ll be able to write what you like, too!

Anonymous comments are enabled across the site; however to keep the spam-bots in check, all anonymous comments currently go through a moderation queue. As I have a day job, this can sometimes mean a bit of a delay before your comments appear. If you’d like to bypass the moderation queue you can apply for an account and post to your heart’s content – except for that annoying idiot with the .ru mail address, who’ll only be allowed an account when Hell freezes over.

Copyright Notice
Creative Commons License
All content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License. This means that you can re-use the content for any non-commercial purpose free of charge and without restriction, providing you attribute it. In practice, this means linking back to the original story or comment you’re referring to. And by posting comment or comments to this site, you also agree that you’ll be covered by the same license.

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