Taking the p*ss

There’s been a gradual process of installing bus shelters around Wellington, and a couple have recently made an appearance at the bottom of Elizabeth St – where they’ll no doubt be welcomed by passengers waiting in the wind and the rain.

The shelters are provided by AdShel, a commercial company that funds the shelters by selling the advertising space on the side. Being an advertising company, they’re not unfamiliar with the idea of some self-promotion:

The way AdShel would like to portray themselves

The way AdShel would like to portray themselves

However some local wits have a somewhat more cynical view of the corporatisation of the local bus routes, and added a few amendments to the posters …

Altered AdShel poster

Um … yeah

True to their word, AdShel maintained the shelters at no cost to our local Council, and the altered signage disappeared a few days later. But in the meantime, we all had a good laugh at the wit of the unknown editor.

And we’re back!

After quite a few months in the wilderness of Teh Internets – brought on by a failed motherboard and a corrupted RAID drive – the Mt Victoria website has returned. Please bear with us for a few more days as we finish recovering all the old posts and comments from the Drupal system and make sure all the links work.

There have also been some changes in the web presence of a few of the other community organisations. Crossways has migrated to its own site here; the Mt Victoria Newsletter is moving to its own web presence; and the Residents Association is also moving into the Internet age. We’ll add links as they become available.

And a big shout-out to the great guys at Harmonic who provided the technical assistance to get our data off the old failed server and up onto WordPress – thanks team!